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Approved by the Order of Forenom LLC from 01.03.2013 No 0103 

 Rules of Accommodation 

 in residential premises provided by Forenom LLC 


    1. Subject of service

      1.1        Forenom LLC (hereinafter referred to as Forenom) shall provide the Client with services in rent of residential premises for temporary residence on the terms herein contained.

      1.2        The Client undertakes to comply with all the terms provided for hereby.

        2. Terms of accommodation

          2.1        The place of accommodation of the Client (hereinafter referred to as “the Premises”, term of rent, number of guests, list of property located in the Premises, and other terms of accommodation shall be determined by the Parties in the course of the Client filling-in an Order for Accommodation.

          2.2        The Client shall have the right to enter the Premises immediately upon filling-in an Order for Accommodation and payment for accommodation

          2.3        The Premises shall be at the Client’s disposal till 12.00 of the last day of rent.

          2.4        Upon signing an Order for Accommodation, the Client shall receive the keys to the Premises in the quantity agreed upon the Parties.

          2.5        All keys to the Premises received by the Client shall be returned to the office of Forenom company or handed over to the company’s representative not later than by 14.00 on the day of departure. In order to hand over the keys the Client may use paid services of a courier of Forenom. In this case it is important that the keys have been handed over to the courier by 12.00 on the day of departure. Courier hands over / takes away the keys in a strictly agreed time and in the agreed place. If the courier does not find you on the spot, the service is still considered to be rendered.

          2.6        Upon expiration of the term of rent, the Premises shall be returned to Forenom free and clear from the Client’s effects and in a state allowing their use for its purpose at the same day.

            3. Payment procedure

              3.1        The Client shall pay the rent for the Premises at a time for the entire period of accommodation upon signing the Order for Accommodation.

              3.2        The Client shall have an option to pay in cash or by a bank / credit card.

              3.3        Forenom undertakes to issue a document (check / receipt) to the Client, certifying the payment for accommodation.

              3.4        Any damage caused shall be compensated by the Client based on invoices produced by Forenom not later than within 3 working days from the date of departure. The amount of damaged caused shall be calculated by Forenom based on Certificate of state of the Premises after departure.

              3.5        Forenom reserves the right to preauthorize the sum of 15 000 (fifteen thousand) rubles according to the exchange rate of Central Bank of Russian Federation at the date of producing a claim for payment on your account as the deposit at the time of booking or during your stay.

                4. Rights and duties of the Client

                  4.1        When filling-in an Order for Accommodation, the Client must provide reliable information on the purpose of his / her staying (business trip or other), necessary personal data, as well as an identity card.

                  4.2    The Client shall have the right to use the Premises for residence only.

                  4.3        The Client must treat the Premises and the furniture and home appliances located therein carefully, as well as must use all the above listed for its direct purpose only.

                  4.4        It is prohibited to smoke, use drugs, and engage in any criminal activities, as well as to place any production in the Residential Premises and in any Premises adjoining thereto.

                  4.5        The Client must behave in the Premises properly in order not to disturb quietness and comfort of neighbors and other persons residing nearby.

                  4.6        The Client also undertakes:

                  - To keep the Premises and public areas clean and tidy;

                  - To remove garbage and household waste to a place specially designated for this purpose;

                  - To switch off lightning and electrical appliances located in the Premises, as well as to turn off water supply cocks after leaving the Premises or while sleeping;

                  - To close the windows and doors after leaving the Premises;

                  - To keep the keys to the entrance door and the lock code carefully, and not to transfer the keys or the code to any third parties;

                  - Not to duplicate the keys to the Premises, and not to replace locks in the Premises;

                  - Not to let pets in the Premises without consent from Forenom.

                  4.7        The Client must notify employees of Forenom immediately on any damage caused to the Premises, to property located therein, as well as on any emergency, which may result in causing any damage. If urgent actions are required to be taken in order to prevent any arisen or greater damage, an application shall be immediately sent to the company, which serves the building, or to Forenom.

                    5. Rights and duties of Forenom

                      5.1        Forenom undertakes to provide the Client with the possibility to use the Premises during the period fixed in an Order for Accommodation.

                      5.2        Forenom shall ensure that the living space rented complies, by its location and other characteristics, with the state declared in the Premises description provided to the Client by experts Forenom, unless the Client has any certain requirements to the state of accommodation facilities.

                      5.3        Additional equipment and additional services shall be provided by Forenom to the Client under additional agreements.

                      5.4        If Forenom is unable to provide the Client with accommodation for the entire period requested by the latter for any reasons, or if the reserved premises are required for other purposes due to other important reasons, Forenom shall have the right to move the Client to apartment of a similar level of comfort without additional costs for the Client.

                      5.5        With the purpose of the control of the state of the Premises rented by the Client, representatives of Forenom shall have the right of unimpeded access thereto.

                      5.6        During the term of rent, employees of Forenom shall have the right to send notices to the Client by e-mail and sms with necessary information, including indication of the term of validity of the agreement.

                      5.7        In case of delay in vacation of the Premises by the Client after expiration of the term of rent, Forenom shall have the right to clear the Premises from the Client’s (Visitors’) personal effects and to place them in the warehouse for storage.

                      5.8        If Forenom has failed to provide the Client with necessary conditions of accommodation or has terminated the rent agreement in a unilateral order in connection with requests produced by public authorities, Forenom shall have the right to withhold from the Client the cost of the actual period of staying of the Client in the Premises.

                        6. Responsibility of the parties

                          6.1        Forenom shall bear no responsibility for safety of Client’s personal effects located in the Premises or in any premises adjoined thereto.

                          6.2        In case of delay in transfer of the Premises for rent, or if quality of a living space provided is considerably lower than declared in the agreement through the fault of Forenom, and if such errors cannot be remedied within reasonable time agreed upon by the Parties, the Client shall have the right to refuse accommodation in the Premises in a unilateral order, and to have the entire amount paid under the agreement refunded.

                          6.3        If the Client refuses accommodation in the Premises after signing an Application for Accommodation and after payment for accommodation, Forenom shall have the right to withhold from the Client the amount equal to 50 % of the cost of accommodation.

                          6.4        If the keys are returned after the day of departure, Forenom shall collect a penalty from the Client for each day of delay in return of the keys in the amount equal to double daily rent of the Premises, but not less than 2 000 (two thousand) rubles according to the exchange rate of Central Bank of Russian Federation at the date of producing a claim for payment.

                          6.5        If the Client returns the keys to Forenom in the quantity less than he / she received when checking in the Premises, Forenom shall collect from the Client the additional payment for the rent of the Premises in the amount of at least 12 000 (twelve thousand) rubles according to the exchange rate of Central Bank of Russian Federation at the date of producing a claim for payment.

                          6.6        In case of infringement by the Client of the terms of use of the Premises as stated in section 4 hereof, Forenom shall have the right to termination the provision of accommodation services to the Client in an unilateral order. In that case the rent paid by the Client for the Premises shall not be refunded.

                          6.7        The Client must compensate to Forenom the entire amount of all damage, breakages, or must take necessary actions to settle all problems which have arisen, intentionally or by negligence, through his fault, through the fault of his / her Visitors or other persons staying in the Premises on consent of Forenom, which have caused damage to real estate, equipment or movable property, or living space being used by the Client, or to third parties’ property.

                          6.8        Also, the Client shall compensate the costs of cleaning and restoration of property with unusual types of pollution, as well as shall compensate damage caused by the Client’s pets. If there are signs of smoking in the Premises, Forenom will collect from the Client the additional payment for the rent of the Premises in the amount of at least 12 000 (twelve thousand) rubles according to the exchange rate of Central Bank of Russian Federation at the date of producing a claim for payment.

                          6.9        The parties shall be released from responsibility if their failure to comply with the terms of the Rules of Accommodation has been caused by force-majeure circumstances, i.e., by events beyond the Parties’ control. Such circumstances shall include in particular: damage caused by water, failures, fires, strikes, natural calamities, interruptions in power supply, power cut, interruptions in water supply and problems with sewerage, heating, failures with Internet connection, and problems with maintenance, repairing or other works being performed by third parties, acts of public authorities. If partners of Forenom face force-majeure circumstances, such circumstances shall be treated as force-majeure circumstances affecting Forenom itself.

                            7. Final provisions

                              7.1        In respect to any matters not settled by these Rules the Parties shall act according to the current laws of the Russian Federation.

                              7.2        Should any disputable situations arise, the Party shall try to settle such situations through negotiations, and failing this – in a judicial order in the place of location of Forenom.

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